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Belarusian army units continue reinforcing southern border


Belarusian military personnel continue carrying out tasks meant to reinforce parts of the country’s southern border, the Belarusian Defense Ministry told BelTA.

According to the source, the army units are rotated in and out. One of the battalion tactical groups has arrived in Gomel Oblast for carrying out assigned missions.

Army units now guard important roads and bridges, inspect vehicles, and continue rolling out engineering infrastructure at the positions they occupy.

The platoon commander Aleksei Tishko explained: “My platoon has to organize a sentry outpost on a motorway and prevent the advance of illegal armed units. I believe the moral and psychological state of the unit is high. All the servicemen are familiar with the situation in the world. Everyone understands that they carry out missions primarily for the sake of their friends and families, for the sake of their own nation. The situation is calm but commanding officers and the personnel are always ready to carry out missions.”

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