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Secretary of Belarus’ Security Council dares opposition to attack


GOMEL, 26 October (BelTA) – All the branches of Belarus’ defense, security, and law enforcement agencies have a system in place to counter threats, risks, and challenges. State Secretary of the Security Council of Belarus Aleksandr Volfovich made the statement after top officials of the country’s defense, security, and law enforcement agencies met with Gomel Oblast worker collectives to discuss the evolving military and political situation in the country and abroad, BelTA has learned.

Top officials of the defense, security, and law enforcement agencies are meeting with worker collectives all over the country upon instructions of the head of state. Aleksandr Volfovich said: “Today we’ve talked about the objective military and political situation, about the risks, challenges, and threats that threaten our national security, originate unfortunately from western neighbors, from the territory of Poland, Lithuania, and Latvia. Their military activity cannot but worry us. Including their military exercises, particularly the latest one, which is taking place on 17-30 October. That exercise involves nuclear forces.” In his words, the exercise is offensive, not defensive. “All the statements by the collective West, which says it is a planned exercise, make us smile with irony. We understand the target of the exercise perfectly well,” he clarified.

“We see that ongoing attempts of the collective West to use our fugitive opposition in a peaceful manner, if one can say that, in order to destabilize the situation will not succeed. Today the opposition bets on forcible takeover, on the organization of some offensive actions. We are ready for it. I dare them try it!” the official said.

Aleksandr Volfovich added: “Certainly, I would not like anyone in Belarus’ territory to be hurt. And we don’t threaten anyone. But we are ready to protect our country. We have a system in place in all the branches of the defense, security, and law enforcement agencies. We are ready for today’s risks, challenges, and threats.”


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